The best note-taking software for programmers

The best note-taking software for programmers

The programmer's note-taking software should meet the following conditions.

  • (1) Cross-platform, supports desktop computers (Windows, Mac, Linux) and mobile phones (Android, iOS) at the same time.
  • (2) Synchronize at any time, open any machine, you can continue writing from the previous job.
  • (3) Real-time storage, if the software is suddenly closed, the content will not be lost.
  • (4) Support Markdown format, which is convenient for direct release later.
  • (5) Support push to remote Git warehouse, generate historical version, and serve as remote backup at the same time.

I have been looking for tools that meet these conditions, but most note-taking software on the market does not support the above point 5. Git integration is either not available or very weak.

I have used and , but they are not ideal.

Recently, I finally found the best solution, which is officially launched by GitHub .

As long as you visit the following URL, you can use VS Code to edit the specified repository in your browser. You can click  here to experience it.

It is actually the web version of the VS Code editor and is highly integrated with Git. With this combination, what other note-taking software would be stronger than it!

To use it, first create a note repository on GitHub, either publicly or privately. Then use to edit, and then push back to the warehouse. When changing to another machine, first get the latest version of the document from the warehouse, which is simply the perfect solution.

Even better, GitHub provides a quick entry. Open the GitHub repository homepage, click the decimal point ( .) button, the page will automatically jump to the VS Code editing environment, which is really convenient.

In addition, there is an unofficial that also provides similar functions. Just add "1s" to the warehouse domain name. But after all, it is an unofficial tool, so it is not recommended here. is aimed at the desktop "keyboard + mouse" environment. The touch screen of the mobile phone can be used, but it is clumsy after all.

If you prefer to use the native mobile app, I recommend Obsidian . It has a full-platform client, and you can refer to this article to set up Git integration.

In addition, FSNotes is also good, but unfortunately it only supports Apple devices.

If you don't need Git integration and Markdown support, it is the easiest. The official note-taking apps of several major software giants are very easy to use: Google keep , Apple Notes (only Apple devices are supported), and Microsoft OneNote .

They are all automatic multi-terminal synchronization, the disadvantage is that it is not convenient to write large documents, and it is troublesome to export data.